Determined at all costs!

I read this very good post on STP written by Bruce Butler and commented on it (as below) which raked up some emotion within me.

Your words in many places would appear to be rather caustic but I can understand the emotion behind it.

The barbs and the bitterness the job of reporting defects etc. brings about is sometimes hard to take in and I have been witness to my people ventilating these feelings choked as they are sometimes with red-shot eyes. I have also experienced it during my interactions with the development teams & their leaders. The atmosphere is dark & sombre but the job has to be done well by keeping calm & your maturity about you. If you have to hit out you simply must by finding more defects – drink the bitterness but pass the poison. It is nectar that we must try and eventually send to the customer.

The only consolation in words & visual imagery I would give my people & myself is that we are doing a service and someday the worth of finding the defects/ information/issues would be realised when the user smiles after using the product even though we may not be there to cherish it. I think we just need to knuckle down and press on… and peel the onions as you rightly said … even if we have to shed bitter tears!

The link to the STP article is here.


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