Expecting to Achieve

It is funny that we think about what we want from our testers more often during recruitment or during their performance reviews. Is this correct? No. We should be thinking about it consciously & unconsciously all the time so that we correct the course for them and help the test professionals move along the path to progress and prosperity in their working lives. This also ensures that the test professionals are motivated, aware and prepare for what lies ahead and maybe beyond them for now.

As a Test Leader – here are my very high level expectations from testers from their birth to their coming of age (well.. almost… but then do we ever stop growing in wisdom and bettering ourselves).

The expectations are like a knowledge pot that fills up with goodies as he moves on from one milestone to another as he discovers, digs, fights, raves,  exults and much much more  in his journey from being novice to better to best. (hear that applause growing louder from a clap to a thunder-claps – aah recognition!)

Test Trainee – Conceptually strong
– Deeply interested in testing
fresh out of Edu. / Trng Institute
Jr. Test Analyst – Experience of employing testing techniques to discover bugs and unravel unknown appln. information. < 2 years
Automation Engineer – Can manual test v efficiently.
– Understands Automation pros & cons
– Technically adept
> 2 years
Test Analyst – Elucidates knowledge of nuances of phases from req. understanding to design to bug triage to regression testing  fixes/changes. > 2 years
Sr. Test Analyst – Can test & tear with ease.
– Strong domain, technical & testing  skills
– Very good commn. & negoiation  skills.
– Aware of team dynamics
> 4 years
Sr. Automation Engineer – 2 yrs Exp with working on Tools
– Can automate without a tool. (Eg. with Perl/Ruby scripts)
> 3 years
Test Lead (Automation) – 2 years  Exp in leading automation teams.
– Designs holistic solutions with an eye on future.
– Can make best use of diverse technology to achieve ends.
> 4 years
Test Lead – 2 years  Exp in leading teams & strategising testing
– Uses tools effectively.
– Very skilled in problem solving / multi-tasking.
– Collaborates & sets expectations across teams without fuss.
– Slippage handling with finesse
> 4 years
Asst. Test Manager – 4  years  Exp in leading teams & strategising testing
– Collaborates  with business & prioritises tasks accordingly.
– ProActive risk mitigation
> 5 years
Test Manager/Leader –  Recruit, scale and  build the team with the right elements and right mix with vision.
– Ensure leadership, management & utilisation to achieve timelines & drive business ahead.
– Coordinate correct and timely communication to all concerned.
– Ensure preparedness of team in respect of testing, domain and technical aspects through training and mentoring.
> 8 years

Personality traits like Maturity befitting the age, good attitude towards work (testing) & peers with an demonstrable ability to bond, listening skills and industriousness are default expectations for all roles.

While experience is important in judging competence of an individual it must be taken as an input to be verified and by no means as an unquestioned authoritative vote of competence.



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