Explaining Testing to 5 year old kids

On a popular forum a question was asked about how to explain Testing to 5 year olds. Here is how I responded.

I would divide the tiny tots into two groups. Call one ‘Creators’ and the other as ‘Correctors’. Next I would give the creator group a box of coloured clay and a large picture of a complex but easy to make animal (straight from Spore like this one).

I would tell the “Creators” to start making different parts ensuring as much perfection as possible in respect of colour, shape, texture & so on not to forget say the emotion in certain parts like say eyes. Within the same group a bunch of kids would collect the parts and create the animal. ***The units thus  have been developed and integrated… if only it was so easy***.

I would meantime ask the “Corrector” group to watch the other group by being close but not talk or give comments. (***If they have to then we are talking agile not old fashioned waterfall which what this exercise is***).

Once the animal (***sadly referred to the application also by many distinguished professionals in the middle of the night or on the m+nth day when the release ought to have been made*** ) is delivered the Corrector group go to work by pointing the mistakes in the sculpted model vis-a-vis the picture. The Corrector group would inform about these blemishes to the Creator group and ask them to make the corrections.  The fun that results from the arguments that ensue would bring tears to our eyes for sure.  Ha!  The ‘not-closed’ arguments could be escalated for resolution to you – ‘the customer’. It should be easy enough bug-triage.

Now after this exercise you are in a good enough position to relate what has been described here with what happens in real with you/us.

Hope this helps. One request though – If at all you like this or any of the responses from our distinguished community & carry it out on Fathers Day – it would be fun to hear  what transpired and your experience with the young geniuses. It would be a good read rather than some of  the ego-pokes about this & that I get to read on this forum though I learn also from that.

Maybe through hearing about your experience, we could relive some of our innocence left behind even if for a moment.

P.S. On STC I think a question was raised about how to explain Testing to ones Mother, now this with Children. What next – our spouse? Let it come.



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