Hello! Is anyone out there!

After eons I am back to what I do best (amongst other things, ahem ahem) and that is writing and it feels good and as my hands shiver with excitement I think it feels exhilarating more than  just ‘good’. So there…you know I am here for life!

What I have been upto is perhaps a shade less exhilarating I would admit.

But the real fun is around the corner I guess….

I have been doing all of this lately –

  • Reading up on behavioural aspects of Psychology (check my Linkedin Reading list) and being fascinated by the works of people like Liebermahn, Ekman etc. I have been reading these and others on my NookColour which is a gift to myself in celebration of myself getting wiser by the day.
  • I continue to be impressed by contents of  most of  the testing blogs written by testing gurus as well as new kids on the block though I wish I could read more…
  • An acquaintance gifted me a download of ‘Criminal Minds’ (All Episodes – Seasons 1 to 5) on my birthday and I have been following the exploits of Hotch & his team. Have been joyously and studiously lapping how they dig the minds of serial killers, perverts, sadists & so on. On display amongst the  professionalism that the team displays in solving the crimes through behaviour analysis is the sad & grim reality of the fate of their personal lives.  (Next up I hope someone does me a good turn for ‘Lie to me’. Aah hope!)
  • Using my slightly better than basic knowledge of Photoshop I turned in a composite to participate in the STP driven contest (started to drum excitement & entry into their upcoming conference). Here is my picture submission and the link below. Go ahead & vote for those you consider worthy.


But I have been doing all this besides discussing an opportunity which I am excited about but sshhhh… more of that later once it is clothed in ‘official’ reality.


2 responses to “Hello! Is anyone out there!

  1. ya ya I am there! my vote is definitely for ‘Stanley the seeker!’ the best one for sure

  2. Me too there, whats the good news?

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