Agile Aha!

A discussion on Linkedin about the 2 best takeaways from Agile Methodology evoked this response from me:

  1. Prioritisation of features: Since the focus is on planning and building a few features at a time, I think it ensures concentrated thinking on those and around those  application functions being built at the time. The thinking supplemented with discussions and thought-through development allows good thought accorded to creating the application piece-by-piece as compared to say in waterfall methodology where the thinking may not be as in-depth on a per feature basis (the danger here is of course not keeping the big picture in mind leading to change requests down the road but in Agile this is a calculated risk likely to pay off if project specifics are planned well).
  2. Client Interaction and resultant transparency: This is the core of Agile leading to building one storey at a time which is visited by the customer and confirmed as to its function, aesthetics and construction quality. Due to the customer driving and watching every little nook and room being built — the gel which is both a prerequisite and a consequence within development, testing, project management and customer is a result which is like a cherry in the custard, a shining beacon really likely to endure and enliven project carry-out and drive it to success.

For the complete discussion click here


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