Spain won so what?

looking beyond the glitter & learning a lesson or two

The World Cup is over and we had a new champion team climbing the podium amidst all the resultant tears, beer, hugs, kisses and what not… So what did I notice and  note which we can all apply or connect with the teams at workplace and commonality of the thread of success that can be woven through it.

  • Teamwork: From defence to offence Spain functioned like a cliched supremely well-oiled machine. Any weak links? Inexperience that caused a flutter in their march? None that I could see or hear the experts grumble about in their footballing jargon-speak. Even the injured and scoreless Torres came in and drew defenders around him allowing others free to score.  It was teamwork of a different kind.
  • Intermingling of Youth and Experience: Busquets alongside Puyol and Coach Del Bosque watching from the sidelines – know what I mean?
  • Mental Strength: Earlier Spain were the perennial chokers but via the coaches drive, table banging resolutions within the team and every team member’s will to build from steel towards success, they threw the chokers tag into the dustbin which England picked it being the king wearing beggars clothes or is it the other way around.
  • Vision: The vision of playing in the way they do was thought through, tried and implemented by players and coaches alike over several years. The style never changed, resolve never faltering, the results shone through in 2008 and now 2010 with a promise of a future full of power and dominance. Viva Spain.
  • Hard Work: Each player was dedicated to the cause and made sacrifices of their individual belief system for the team cause by working hard with a single minded focus across period of time and across tournaments.
  • Implementation: Playing a team like Germany who thrashed England and Argentina was Spain skeptical about their style of play? Not so, in fact by playing in the fashion they know, believed in and put on display it was  Germany who had to make adjustments and lost rather meekly. The mighty fell to a team even more mighty because of great implementation of strategic play.
  • Togetherness / Continuity: Since players played for clubs and country alike and together every one knew what one had to do, what the others would and the gel was fascinating to see and the result even more so. Makes a case for role-clarity doesn’t it and continuity and expertise and…
  • Play Fair – Watching the finals who would you rather emulate? Dutch who adopted committing fouls as a matter of stopping Spain or Spain themselves who continued with their disciplined, controlled and assured manner of soccer they know best.

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