Videos that shone my Sunday

Communication! Inspiration! Elevation!

Some videos that I viewed today and magically all were very good and from which I took away more than just what they professed to sell.

First up, all the videos of Tom Wujec available here. I loved the simplicity deeply inherent within his easily delivered but fluid talk and messages that rang a bell somewhere within the recesses of my brain. I reminisced about an early part of my education life when KISS (Keep it Simple Stupid) to me and my young growing mind was not yet a cliche. Please watch the videos to learn about the values of creativity, design and collaborativeness, leadership tips, the wisdom and resourcefulness of the ancients and more.

Steve Jobs: How to live before you die –  Get inspired by listening to his talk about his journey of life. Steve did not strike me as a great orator (he is not!) but here via  a prepared speech he speaks honestly from the heart which I liked very much and hence recommend. There is a subtle reference to spirituality also because he speaks about dying so openly in a non-physical way.  Definitely bound to inspire.

This made my Sunday for sure!


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