A good test is like…

Hah! This was a good to do and a throwback to childhood it may have been but our power of expression gets so much better I think as those grey cells compete with the hair that turns from black to grey to…(Anguish!!)  I do not know whether what we lose as we grow up is worth having which may serve us better when we are ready for the world. Maybe a topic in itself. For example – what do you think would you pick up from a child so as to be better testers.

In a testing forum – an interesting question was to write similes to the following:

  • A good test is like…
  • A bad test is like…
  • A good tester is like…
  • A bad tester is like…

I wrote the following as my response. I sure enjoyed thinking these up! The intention was to be offbeat, be humorous but still strike a chord. The meaning of what I wanted to express while trying to sound funny must be there and staring in our face.

Here is..

A good test is like…
traveling to an unknown place
in a train which when takes a bend
around the hills unravels a vista
so great as to
fill my inside with bliss
but when my face hits a gust
I want more…

A good test is like discovering the virtues of a wife married to in arranged form.. rub hands in glee.. the thirst to find more continues.. but would there be a show stopper.. shudder.. think..collaborate.. perspiration..collaborate.. think…suspense..

A Bad tester is like the one who when he sneezes throws phlegm (a.k.a. apathy) all around causing others to scurry, fend for themselves and cover ground for the lesser mor(t)al…


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