Bloody Hell. Long live Heroism & Nobility

This post is NOT about Testing. This is about us where there is nothing to test and correct. There are no bug-fixes here, no stable releases. No happy faces after a Product goes live. This is about death as stark as it can be…. I do not want to be morose because I believe we must look ahead and look for light no matter how hard the times and how blinding the darkness.

The link within this post (the reason for this post) is about pride, human values above everything else, courage amidst mayhem, unshaken commitment amidst panic, fierce passion to fight & let others live, care amidst death,  and much much more… Read on.

It has been a year since it happened. Like a movie we would never recommend or even not whisper lest someone hear and get afflicted — we sat dazed, horrified and watched with eyes glassed and transfixed as blood splashed across our TV screens in a manner we had never seen.  Mumbai on 26/11/08 saw terrorism progressing to the next satanic level and it changed our lives and what we make of it forever. Death and the manner of it made Mumbai scream silently as it came to a stop for almost 3 days.

Taj Mahal Hotel (glorious icon of heritage and history) burning before our eyes, dead bodies scattered across CST station, the Nariman House drama and the smartly attired inhuman terrorists playing hell with Mumbai are deadly images that the most grisly nightmare cannot match. Powerlessly, we cried tears for many people who died or lost their dear ones, muttering obscenities that would make no difference to all the death happening and waiting to happen, abused the f**g politicians who strutted around shamelessly selling their tattered wares no one cared about…

We have certainly seen terrorism as naked and grotesque as it can be yet and probably we will see it again and cry and shriek again…though our hearts wish not!

So what’s new. Well this is –  The Taj Mahal story.

Here is an account of what happened during / after the holocaust that engulfed the hotel and the people who were trapped in it and the employer’s  noble response. What drove the people to magnificently serve mankind as such displaying lofty standards about hotels and hospitality even as bullets struck innocent lives and bombs exploded mangling bodies and starting fire and panic. Read it for the bravery, the leadership and the human values on display for another fellow humans…  Read it for the junior management trainee who will learn and progress far but probably her contribution to society and commitment to human life may well be her biggest first lesson of life worthy of  gold many times over. Read it for Mr. Tata’s response to the heroics and how his heart beats.

Read it and maybe the hands that trembled with fear and shock once will cross across the heart  and say a prayer of hope – a prayer for few mad people to change for the better, for ill-fed satanic minds to become caring like a Mother Teresa, for guns to drop to the ground and evaporate, for the word ‘terrorism’ to be dropped from the dictionary for want of use, for hatred to be cured forever….. If only hope can be the beacon of change – a miracle..  just for this change.. please.. just once…

If only.


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