Tinkle Tinkle….

Here are some links which made for a better me (and hopefully you also).

1) Here is a Agile Success story worth reading. Note the bold moves made by the powers-that-be resulting in reduced turnaround time and improvement on the production issues front (including having a testing team and not call them testers. Now Now – do not scream!).

2) For those who have suffered damaged wrists owing to the mouse or looking to prevent the discomfort here is a great link.

3) Here is a article in Scientific American that gives credit to finding errors on the path of learning. In fact it goes so far as to say that “Getting it wrong is a great way to learn”. So if I link this to testing, the bugs we find are helping us in our quest for information and presenting it better in terms of how the functionality works.

4) Here are 6 ways to take your website from good to great. The recommendations calls for subtle changes yet I guess to the designer eye it makes sense. It does to me and made for wonderful reading. Any tester would benefit by reading this though not very directly but the beauty of the trade is you just need to be in the know about many things…


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