tinkle tinkle little gems…

Here in this post I mention some picks about my recent readings that enlivened my time and knowledge.

1) The first bit is about change blindness or s.e.p. (somebody else’s problem) or inattentional blindness (I remember James Bach speaking about this in one of his videos)

See the video here.

And check this video also on YouTube on the same subject.

These videos applies to testing and we ought to be aware that changes (e.g. a change of colour, a button (mis) alignment, an awry label, an interim informational dialog missing & so on)  across successive views of an application being tested might be missed by a tester. When we respond to queries about “why that defect was missed by the testing team?” we need to be aware of this psychological aspect while doing the cause analysis. The steps we could take to remedy this overlook is by tester swap, peer checks and crowd testing..

In much the same way as change blindness, new research now points to Change Deafness here.

2) A great article on ‘Software Longevity Testing’ on StickyMinds by Steven Woody talks about among other things letting be your application (quiescent testing) to find defects and much more(soak testing, resource exhaustion, overflows etc.). We do sometimes miss out on these scenarios and testing teams sometimes rely falsely on provision of non-functional specs which need not be there since these are intrinsic requirements. The scenarios as drawn out are a must-have in your test scenarios checklist.

3) Here’s an old article that is worth reading again if you have not.  Model based testing is spoken about a lot recently but has been around for a while actually.

4) For some great creative stuff on the web visit tofel.com. It is a great design website full of creativity. We need those creative juices gurgling within us all the time.

5) If you have not read Blink yet, please do. I read this post about “Eagle Eyes” which reminded me of the Malcolm Gladwell book which made a telling impression on on me.

Finally, there is a war happening out there and more on this soon…after I sharpen my rusted scimitar. Achtung Baby!


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