Unit Testing? Duh!

Unit Testing! What's that?

Unit Testing! What's that?

Sami on LinkedIn started a discussion on “Unit test practice in your organization”. My response was:

“In my experience Unit Testing is either done minimally (more as a tick item so as not not to invite censure) or not at all by developers. And this has become the unfortunate flavor more than ever since the advent of independent testing teams. There was a time when this was less of a problem but that time I think is long past…

One would expect that when something is created (designers, developers create the code being the core foundation of applications) one should want to own it and be proud about it as a mentor mother would about a baby of hers in the way it turns out, behaves and interacts, whatever be her age. But developers are surely not mothers in that sense since code they say does not just belong to one but to a phalanx of co-developers. They are right but not quite since they do not realise or do not want to realise that every drop of water contributes to a ocean.

When the alarm is sounded about unit testing not done, the developers put it down to ‘I have done it but..’ or ‘no time for it’ or ‘we did not estimate for it’ . And the bastardisation of unit testing remains a unresolved problem relegated to the dustbin of untouchability. The end result is that tests which can best complement the blackbox tests of the testers does not happen or minimally at that and the result is rework, and other resulting muck. Applications and the end users end up with stinky grime which sticks where it hurts..

Sami – That you do unit testing (and most importantly your thought process within the brevity of your words) represents surely a smallish band of concerned soldiers of quality from the development side. May you inspire others through this post and our ilk grow. Our lives would be so much better for it.”


2 responses to “Unit Testing? Duh!

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