Why I love Testing?

In response to a question on Software Testing Club about the “5 things you love about Testing”, my contribution was:

  1. I love the feeling that I am making a difference to someone’s experience of a software beforehand by having cleaned up the software to some/great extent. It is a similar feeling (a throwback to my childhood) to have a neat and well-arranged drawer and getting complimented by my mother who would say (hindi/gujarati)”Arey Waah” (Oh Great!). Testing thus should lead to a spic-and-span software. hmmm.
  2. Having done the above to learn from what we did not do right and doing better the next time.
  3. I love the debate that rages on about Testing and about to-and-fro comments about what is and what is not testing and the other offshoots that emanate from them which adds fuel to my passion for testing. I am happy at times to entangle myself in it since there is much to learn and much to set right by contributing and hearing from ordinary and extra-ordinary people that abound the web. This is intellectually more stimulating (I think) than say what happens in development and other contributors to software development.
  4. It is great to lead younger test professionals and direct and guide them into how to test better, what to test and so on… In the process they have ideas, thoughts, arguments similar or contrary to mine which stimulate me to learn and unlearn.
  5. I love to correct the testing myths that even mature and professionally more endowed people have about testing.
  6. The challenge of doing more in less which testing is all about at most times. The challenge in motivating people, goading them, convincing them…. to achieve, despite heavy odds stacked against them.
  7. I love testing because of the thrill it gives me when the client praises the testing team for their knowledge, for finding the bugs and making the user’s life better and easier… And when this happens the joy and warmth I derive from the hand-shake with the testers who won the battle pleases me no end.
  8. As I make my way back home and sometimes while the city sleeps, the looking-forward to the next day at work and the plans that begin to form in my mind is a sure sign that I am happy and content with what I do – managing a testing team that will do wonders and achieve!
Follow your heart!

Follow your heart!


2 responses to “Why I love Testing?

  1. To summarise in one sentence, why do you love testing?

    • Well Daniel, I love testing because of the difference we can make by our efforts to the application behavior and the inherent challenges in channelising those efforts.

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