My love affair….

This post is about Excel – the fantastic Microsoft software that I have loved from day 1 for making a big difference over the years in my work to improve productivity, perform number crunching, present data with ease and beautifully at that and so on…

With my work in Excel the good words flowed in from time to time. And it felt nice to bask in the glory showered by others. People commented on my skills with Excel which I just but shrugged off  but humbly in the same breath also acknowledged experts who can do much more than I! Comments “we did not think we  could do that with Excel until we saw your worksheet” or “why don’t you take a class on Excel” or “the graphs you do are unbelievably pretty”  made me  feel nice inside and then I tried my best to help and live up to the high standards.

I remember how I picked up Excel after its launch in the mid 90s. I learnt Excel by going through the User Manuals available at our organisation’s fabulously well stacked & well managed library. Since the internet came much later I had to learn the ropes and experimented a whole lot to achieve what I wanted to with formulas, look and feel etc.

And so I began my affair with Excel doing this and that and along the way I created some worksheets with the ‘wow’ factor. I have mentioned a few in my earlier post here. Besides worksheet models for tracking training, Audit actions, Metrics Analysis, Random names generator for lunch with the Boss amongst others.

The reason I bring it up again is simply to reaffirm the fact about the power that Excel can wield in the hands of those who know it. I have used it successfully in mundane aspects but coupled with say dynamic ranges, self building range names, intuitive forms to capture data, powerful macros and auto pivots just to name a few – work with worksheets has assumed a drastically different shape and results.  And it excites me no end even today when efficiency and productivity climbs a notch or two as a result.

I present some snapshots from some worksheets I created to not trumpet my skills but only as an attempt to try excite readers in doing much more with Excel if they are not already. And the good thing is – you won’t have to read the user manuals….

Parts of my babies created in MS Excel

Parts of my babies created in MS Excel


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