Sexist? Who?

An interesting discussion is happening here to a Eric Jacobson’s blog post titled “Are Women Better Testers than Men?”.

May the best one win!

May the best one win!

To me the thought about “whether a woman tester needs to be harnessed for the special skills she has” has frankly never occurred because I do not agree with the thought. I have always felt that a team needs competent and thinking people who have attitude and can out-best the best when it comes to application knowledge, testing skills/techniques and the power to lean people towards the right by being a customer representative to the hilt. Above all the person must have the strength to say ‘No’ when needed and must have the humility to say ‘Yes’ if she/he faltered. Who cares about the sex of the person and what is “choli ke peeche”.

But I respect Eric since his posts are honest and straight from the trenches.

My thoughts were expressed on Eric’s blog as below.


As Anne-Marie mentioned “interesting and bold post” (I agree) more so because of the novelty of thought rather than substance, I would say.

In my experience I have found no difference between the two – she or he. The team dynamics has never forced me to go with some male:female ratio. Maturity always demands that you pick the best as per requirement and not get bogged down by any “sexist” thought.

I have experienced many times the competence and brilliance of the female testers just as much as I have got amazed by the men. (Our education in India is such that it is not difficult to find people of substance of either sex provided you know how to pick and chose.)

The clincher for this male/female “debate” could be this article I read sometime back titled “Think Again: Men and Women Share Cognitive Skills / Research debunks myths about cognitive difference” (

Eric, keep it going…


On a spiritual level I cannot help but agree with the studies confirming that there is no difference between the 2 sexes. Remember our souls seek a body every life time and it does not  matter whether the soul resides within the a man or woman in the latest avatar.


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