Process Inculcation

Someone recently asked me an interesting question

“What specific steps would you take in moving a resistant team out of their current sub-standard patterns of process & behaviour?”

My response was along the lines as given below.

  • Via a compelling presentation justified with data, demonstrate the negative impact of the substandard process/behaviour and how it is bleeding the performance/ productivity of the individual, team and organisation as a whole, as applicable.
  • Seek the buy-in of the team on above & facilitate brainstorming sessions to get to the bottom of it. Determine actions, their priorities and timelines.
  • For any quality artefact (viz. process, procedure and template for data collection) created and to be implemented as part of quality improvement initiative, demonstrate the value emanating from the quality artefact and especially articulate how it will benefit in a practioners day-to-day life.
  • All major quality artefacts must be presented and review comments sought from a representative practioners group. It must be impressed upon that any quality artefact is owned not by an individual or department but by each and every one in the organisation.
  • During the implementation phase, resolve queries related to the artefacts in a timely manner and ensure implementation results are shared across the representative group.
  • During the implementation phase, motivate the team and escalate early when matters get hopelessly stuck for responsiveness.
  • After the implementation, monitor and present the before and after scenarios to demonstrate the value accruing from the initiative. Make corrections to the process if needed.

Makes sense?

Besides on other non-testing track here are some juicy tit-bits.

  • I was amazed to read about a program which reads data from scratched CDs. Unbelievable as it sounded I tried copying a SP3 package of Win XP from a CD using the program and it worked. Earlier the same program did not extract completely returning a “File Corrupt” error each of the 3 times I tried from the CD and from the version I copied on my hard disk. The amazing program is called Roadkil’s Unstoppable Copier
  • Here is a website featuring brain exercises to improve memory, attention etc. The website features a free 7 day plan. Suggest you check it out here.  As claimed on the website – the exercises in the Lumosity brain training program are designed to stimulate the neuroplasticity that leads to improved cognitive ability and a healthier brain. Should every tester make use of these exercises?
  • Here is a website claiming to give you meditation on steroids – the holosync way…..

Just learnt that Michael Jackson passed away and I felt like losing a bit of my life when I was younger and so carefree. Though plagued by all kinds of controversies like child abuse, drugs, surgeries etc. – Jacko’s music inspired me as it did countless others. Now the controversies would be forgotten and his music would live on.. strange thing death does to people, what say!

RIP Michael J. - Your music will always play in our hearts.

RIP Michael J. - Your music will always play in our hearts.


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