I am Alive

Been a while since my last post and somehow other things has taken precedence perhaps more than it should have.

Then there were some personal battles, my PC breaking down, a huge financial transaction and working on  my son’s future also which kept me busy. I also lost some steam keeping me off the blog, testing related reading material & yet I have no regrets because I am back with my beloved with renewed vigour, so to say.

After my return to all that is testing here are some links worth checking out.

Links as recommended by AST (Association for Software Testing) Members. (the links related to thinking would make useful reading for any tester worth his salt)

As Testers while we focus on learning testing related and domain related as part of the job it makes lot of sense to focus on soft skills improvement such that we can think better & creatively express ourselves more and more…

Agile Testing on Borland site

Agile Testing remains a hotbed and seemingly a proposed panacea but is it?

I have been reading fiction (just finished reading The Alchemist – great inspirational stuff by Paulo Coelho), spiritual (Messages from the Masters by Brian Weiss.. hmmm more I read his work the more things appear falling in place in my mind which keeps asking questions)….

As I get into the grove, I know I have a lot of catching up to do & lots more to write…  A lull it has been but I have taken off.

Im Alive

Click Image! Get inspired!


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