Here are some personal musings from last week.

I am quoting some text from the book “Jungle Rules” by John Imlay which I am still reading and it continues to be witty and engrossing. As I mentioned in my previous post the book is all about how a turnaround was scripted brilliantly and against all odds in a US software company. The book is divided into chapters each a Jungle Rule like Stalking the Goal, Seizing the Prey, Managing to to Laugh & so on. The Jungle Rule I mention here is about people.

Jungle Rule # 9: If you capture dinner, you get to eat it.  Them that does, gets. Reward the Rainmakers. Make Compensation a lifestyle not a paycheck.  The rule is how a rewarding environment is created… it  begins with a company that takes the time to understand its employees, help them set goals, figure out ways to share those goals, pay them well, challenge them, excite them, believe in them and arm them with the tools to do their jobs…  A paycheck only goes part of the way towards ego satisfaction..”.

Others Ps that matter are

Prominence – Recognition to highest performers who belong to Presidents Council to acknowledge rainmakers in every departments. Prominence is an excellent way to motivate people: those who don’t get it, aspire to; and those who do, don’t want to lose it. Ego.

Perks – spoil them like sheiks, send the high achievers to Hawaii with spouses (their support is integral to achievements) or name parking lots after high achievers…

Promotions  – are they where they should be in the company. Engage the high achievers on policy, operations and other tough discussions to find the next generation of managers..

Jon Bach’s essay (I have been lazy or been severely behind times since this is not exactly recent though I recollect having come across it before) on building accountability and trackability into Exploratory Testing (Session based Test Management). This complemented by a tool built by Jonathan Kohl called Session Tester (Feb 09 release. Hot as a misal pav!) means that exploratory testing can complement test case based testing quite handsomely and what more we can have results to show for it thereby making it less ad-hoc and manager savvy. Although what proportion of exploratory testing to apply would depend on the project complexity, what the project means in terms of its strategic value, stakeholder expectations and contractual obligations.

A freeware tool to read text within images was something I have long wanted as part of my utilities collection and I found the software and it is free.

The Smashing Magazine Website – a fantastic site with lots of must-reads including Ruby on Rails tutorials, design freebies,  website usability tips etc. Go pay a visit and get thrilled. The photoshop material available here will occupy me for hours in the coming week.

Could not resist putting a photograph here taken from this exciting website –

I WILL SURVIVE by Zanauardian (

I WILL SURVIVE by Zanauardian (

Appears to me it is Quality talking…


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