I have been reading quite a bit these days considering the situation I am in. Though this somewhat unpleasant phase in my life asks me questions, I feel largely rejuvenated, humbled and sense a surge of adrenalin pumping at times reading the thoughts of greats in the testing world like Gerald Weinberg, James Bach, James Whittaker, Michael Bolton & others whom I respect so much even though I do not agree with them all the time (for example – I do not agree with Bach’s recent post “Quality is Dead” which I need to respond asap).

Humility as a virtue is not negative at all but a notion that our learning will ever be incomplete however much we learn from experience of self and others. Which is what makes collaboration, discussions, brainstorming at times so invigorating and exciting and a journey of discovery…

I have just as often felt humble (and felt pride in the company I keep vindicating & conviction stamping my choices of the team I created) when discussing how we test this or that, or a defect simulation etc. with people I work with being relatively younger (in age possibly but not grey cells) who have a mind with a inquisitiveness and fertility bordering on a height close to brilliance…

Just as well I enjoy the presence of my young son – Aman who amazes me with the skills he shows when he plays computer games like a pro while he is yet not past 7…

Aah, to be young again!


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